Old Time Music Man


Keyboards --------
I bought my first keyboard in 1995. I tinkered around with the keyboard and built MIDI sequencing files on the Personal Computer to create a backup band behind me. That was fun for about five years. But then I decided I wanted to play more and stop using the MIDI sequencing. My wife bought me a second keyboard for christmas in 2001 and I bought a pedal board for playing the bass line. I could then play much like an organist would. My daughter gave me a drum machine for Christmas in 2003 and I pretty much abandoned using MIDI sequencing for live playing.

Accordion --------
I played the Accordion when I was a kid up until a few years after I got married when I sold the Accordion. Then after a 38 year break I acquired an Accordion in November of 2008 and discovered I could still play. The Accordion has a MIDI interface and I use a Roland sound module with it and a drum machine. I can pretty much sound like a four piece band. I started entertaining with the Accordion in April of 2009 at Retirement communities. I do sing-a-longs playing old time music. I usually start a gig with a disclaimer that my voice is best compared to "Kermit The Frog" and that they should all sing good and loud to drown me out. It seems to be working because they keep asking me to come back.

Baratone Ukulele----
I picked up a Baratone Ukulele at an Accordion Club equipment swap night for $20 a couple of years ago. I thought it would look good hanging on the wall in my basement music studio. And that's pretty much where it's been up until now, January of 2017. Well, I learned a few chords and put together a one hour program of Old Time Country songs this month. I will be doing my first gig in February to try it out. Wish me luck.